SEO tips for more success in the search results

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - is one of the most important tasks of every website operator to be found by the intended target group. The NeMaK Web Design agency supports you in your SEO marketing measures and helps you being more successful with our comprehensive SEO services.

A website is not an end in itself, nor should it just shine with good design. After all, you want to be found on the Internet. You want to sell your products and services. Or you would like to make information about advice articles and blogs accessible to a broad mass. There are a few criteria to consider so that the search engines, especially Google, place you far up in the search results. The following SEO tips should help you to improve your SEO strategy and your SEO marketing and to land as high as possible in the ranking at Google & Co.

Mobile first!

Successful SEO marketing includes both technical and content-related measures and prerequisites to bring a website in front at Google. Let's start with our SEO tips with one of the most important technical measures. The motto is: "Mobile first!"

In the early days of the Internet, websites were designed and programmed exclusively for desktop PCs and laptops with relatively large displays. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, however, there was a profound change in user behavior. Around 80 percent of all users now go online through a mobile device. In order to maintain the design on the small displays and ensure good operation at the same time, other programming techniques are required, including the so-called responsive design.

SEO Tips Mobile First

Mobile first! has also been an important ranking factor for Google since 2016 and is now the primary search engine index. This means that instead of the desktop, the mobile version of a website is crawled - an important aspect of your SEO strategy.

HTTPS and encryption

Another technical ranking factor is the encryption of websites for secure data transmission. Since 2014, Google has preferred pages that use the SSL / TLS encryption protocol instead of the previous HTTP protocol. The address of such websites begin with HTTPS. For websites that are still based on the HTTP protocol, Google shows the warning "Not secure!" In the address bar nowadays. This causes concerns for many users, so that they quickly click away your page.

Reduce loading times

Too many or large pictures increase the loading time of a website, another ranking factor. The same applies to CSS and Javascript files. The user does not want to wait long for the desired information or products. If your website loads too slowly, they jump back to the search results and select another link. Since Google rates such user signals negatively, it is advisable to optimize loading times.

One of the most important SEO tips: ensure good content

Without unique, informative and productive content, successful SEO marketing is no longer conceivable. A visitor to your website does not want to see simple advertising slogans and flashy banners. They would rather be presented with real added value that provides them with the desired knowledge about a product or service. Today's consumers are simply more demanding than they were twenty or thirty years ago.

Maybe you remember the early days of Google. At that time, it was enough to bring websites to the first page of search results with the notorious keyword spamming. The result was simply illegible texts that no value nor insight for the visitor. Fortunately, these times are long gone, but on the other hand it requires special care when designing websites. Because Google's declared goal is to offer its users the best possible content and the best possible user experience.

SEO Tips Text Content

With every update of its algorithm, Google also improves the recognition of texts that offer added value and rewards them with a higher ranking. The search engine can distinguish unique content from copies and plagiarism and mercilessly punishes duplicate content.

To see what makes a good text, you should simply read and analyze the articles or blogs that are listed in the first five to ten places and correspond to your topic or come from competitors in your industry. Of course there are exceptions, but usually you will see that these texts are really good, provide the user with added value and therefore rightly have a good position in the ranking. They are also often linked, shared and quoted, which Google also rates well.

Research relevant keywords

Keyword spamming is absolutely taboo nowadays, but good content cannot do without keywords, because ultimately they determine, along with the appropriate secondary keywords, what your content should stand for. If you sell shoes in your online shop, "shoes" is of course also the first relevant or main keyword that belongs on your list. Other key words for this topic would then be sandals, boots, sneakers, high heels, footwear, shoelaces, buckles and so on.

Search your competitors' pages and see which keywords they are using. You should use the terms found and, if possible, add more. There are also numerous tools for research that can be downloaded from the internet, some of which are free of charge and some of which are paid. Classic synonym dictionaries can also help.

SEO Tips Keyword Research

In terms of keyword density, a value of 2.5% to 3% is recommended in order not to overload the text. Positioning in the title, i.e. the h1 heading, in the first and last paragraph, in the meta title and in the meta description is also recommended. However, the focus should always be on very good legibility. So you'd better avoid a keyword than sacrificing good style and correct grammar. If the keywords are composite terms, they may also be broken down into their components and combined with so-called stop words (instead of "bookshelf" for example "shelf for books" or instead of "travel London" "travel to London").

Permanent optimization of the SEO strategy

Search engine optimization also means - if you focus on optimization - that a permanent success control is necessary. This includes, for example, monitoring. You should regularly check your ranking on Google and the other search engines. This way you can find new and relevant keywords for your website.

Pay attention to timeliness

The internet is a fast moving medium like no other. Articles, blog posts, video clips etc. are posted millions of times every day worldwide. Up-to-dateness is an important ranking factor for Google & Co. New content is preferred and placed accordingly in the index. If content is revised only rarely or not at all, it is a hint for the search engine that nothing new is offered. The traffic will then slowly but steadily decrease.

This is especially true if you want to rank in an environment with strong competition and similar or the same keywords. Then you can benefit from regular revisions and updates and set yourself apart from the competition. Nevertheless, you should not necessarily delete old content, because otherwise valuable links can be lost.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta title and meta description are two important components of a website and therefore also for SEO marketing. The meta title is the title of the HTML document and a mandatory element. It usually contains one or two main keywords as well as the company name or brand name. Sometimes the location is also provided if a website is to be optimized locally or regionally. The meta title appears in the address line of browsers, in open tabs and forms the heading of the search engine entries (colored blue in Google, for example). The length should be 60 to 70 characters so that the title is not automatically shortened. Google calculates the title according to the pixel widths of the individual letters, but the numbers mentioned are a good guideline. It is best to check the appearance directly in the search engine so that no important terms are cut off.

The meta description provides a brief description of the website content. Although visitors cannot see it directly on the page, it provides important information to display for Google and other search engines and appears in the search results as a snippet directly below the title and the associated URL. Because of the previous keyword stuffing, the meta description is no longer a ranking factor at Google, but should still be designed carefully, because it has an important task in SEO marketing due to its influence on the click-through rate (CTR). It should therefore provide a concise and easily understandable description of the content that the user can expect when visiting the page.

SEO Tips Meta Description

Work with the Google Search Console (GSC)

With this SEO tool, Google provides you with a powerful analysis instrument for your SEO marketing with a multitude of functions that is completely free of charge. The Search Console (formerly called Webmaster Tools) allows you to make numerous settings on your website, evaluate statistics and carry out optimizations. You can also submit a sitemap to Google, identify problems with the indexing of your page, view external links and check which keywords visitors came across to you.

Success together - let us advise you

With our SEO tips you will make your website more search engine friendly and easier to find. As an experienced SEO agency, however, we know that small and medium-sized companies in particular, but also organizations, associations and private individuals barely have any capacities for developing an SEO strategy and consistent SEO marketing.

Here we step in with our expertise. NeMak Web Design offers you affordable packages for SEO services with tiered pricing for your success. Just get in touch with us and get detailed advice on the individual services. We are looking forward to your project!

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